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In the 90’s, we opened a new production area dedicated to the processing of fresh meat and since then we have always been on the cutting edge when it comes to adopting innovative and eco-friendly production processes and packaging systems which also safeguard our raw materials and the environment.

Our straight through production flow is “forward moving” only: first the raw materials (half carcases) arrive from the incoming goods department or the storage cells for the first production phase. Then they are processed and packed in white rooms, labelled and prepared for shipment to the sales points.
The processing of beef and pork meats (different animal species) have been physically separated to guarantee maximum food safety.

A modern supervisory system of the mains and power network, operating 24/7 and fitted with alarm systems for alerting key company managers, guarantees constant data monitoring and recordings to ensure optimal conditions for the processing and storage of the products, from their arrival at the plant to shipment.