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We have practised the art of charcuterie since 1940 and since then have strictly followed the Italian tradition of Norcia. Charcuterie is made from cooked and raw meat, to which salt, herbs and spices are usually added. Cured meat specialities are defined as cased when packed into an outer skin, generally obtained from the intestine. Charcuterie may be raw, cooked, aged or smoked. The pig is certainly the most suitable animal for the production of charcuterie since its offal can be used, as well as minced or raw pork for sausages, or cooked meat, as in the case of cotechino. Taste and enjoy our many specialities.


We were born into this trade and continue to put our heart and soul into this traditional craft which is an intrinsic part of Italy’s excellent cuisine. Salami is just one of our many specialities. Discover the great Italian classics and our limited edition products.

Charcuterie for pan boiling

These specialities are based on traditional Italian recipes. They have always been part of the Italian diet, particularly on special occasions and festivities when they are popular with everyone. We use nothing but select and certified Italian farmed meats to offer a fully guaranteed quality product. (you only risk asking for a second helping!)


Italian ham is appreciated all around the world. Of excellent quality, it is protein-rich with a relatively low fat content. Nutritional facts aside, nothing compares with the inimitable flavour of Culatello di Zibello or an authentic Parma ham. Produced from select pork in conformity with disciplinary norms, ham is the king of traditional Italian charcuterie!

Cold cuts