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We are a great firm, moved by the spirit of the local butcher. We welcome you and invite you to discover our products: prime quality meats, the ideal cuts for traditional recipes and for satisfying those who love contemporary cuisine. You will find them subdivided by type and in each product sheet you will find nutritional facts and other indications (e.g. gluten-free, 100% Italian, organic, halal slaughtering method, etc.)


Beef is a particularly red-coloured meat owing to the high concentration of myoglobin typical of adult animals. The quality of beef depends on many factors, first and foremost the fat it contains: you recognize a cut of excellent quality when it contains a lot of fat between the muscular bands. Prime beef cuts come from the hindquarter (round and rump for instance) and correspond to the fillet, thick flank and topside. Secondary cuts are obtained from the forequarter (such as the shoulder and neck). Third category cuts are those of the neck, flank and chuck. Each cut can be delicious when properly cooked!


The pig is the animal most widely used for human consumption and we show our gratitude by selecting only those farms guaranteeing humane breeding methods. Pork is generally thought to be very fatty but it offers lean cuts too, obviously depending on the breed and age of the animal. Pork is light pink in colour with clearly visible white fat. It is often flavoured with onion, garlic and parsley according to the region or culinary tradition. This type of meat is protein-rich and contains fair quantities of vitamins B,A and D. We use pork as a primary ingredient in many dishes: pork rolls wrapped in a fine slice of bacon, pork fillet wrapped and flavoured with pancetta, pork roast with a tasty filling and strictly hand trussed, pork chops filled with salami paste, skewered pork with sweet peppers, courgettes and cherry tomatoes or a more rustic version with pancetta and sweet peppers, traditional luganega sausage with fennel seeds or chilli pepper, salamella with a natural casing, panatelle and a mixed pork grill, just to mention a few. Taste and enjoy!


Veal is the meat of young male calves aged under one year. These animals are raised on milk alone and so their meat is protein-rich with a lower fat content than beef. Veal is highly appreciated for its distinctive quality: tenderness. Despite being pink in colour it has a high iron content.

Ready to cook

Of this product family, we are particularly proud of our hamburgers. Portioned to suit all appetites and guests, flavoured with special ingredients and so easy to cook. Each packet of hamburgers comes with the chef’s suggestions for gourmet sauces and fillings to turn your hamburger into a main meal that is delicious and healthy, an authentic foodie experience for sharing with friends!


Horse and donkey meat

Horsemeat is tasty and ideal for all ages because it is rich in protein and iron with a low fat content. Nutritious and easy to digest, horsemeat is the ideal food for all dietary requirements. Its nutritional properties make it a particularly good choice for those suffering from high cholesterol, low blood pressure or anaemia, for people who practise sports, expectant women and growing children.

The Gourmet Collection

As meat lovers and gourmets, how could we not seek out the world’s best meat? Valuable breeds, particular areas with a vocation for animal farming based on ancestral methods, where the animals and the environment are safeguarded. Some of the most sought-after and famous cuts are fruit of these natural elements and the cattle breeder’s expertise, such as Australian tagliata, Argentine striploin and English fore rib. Our research is on-going and our selection will be expanded in the future with the addition of delicious new discoveries.

Organic meats

Especially for you, we have carefully chosen nothing but the best organic meats. The care taken by Aliprandi in processing these meats crowns an attentive production process which starts from humane cattle breeding farms and is based on a selection of controlled suppliers.